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If you forgot the windows password, download file with below weblink and write in empty CD (note: below is a image file ex: iso,nrg etc.,)


(note: select "free user" in the rapidshare window).
1) After downloading the file >> extract the file and select the "Windows Key Enterprise Bootable CD" file.
2) Open te NERO software >> select "Burn saved image or burn image to disk" >> select the file which is downloaded >> click on BURN.
3) Insert the CD in the drive and reboot the computer >> press f2 or Delete button to enter in BIOS utility.
4) select the Boot option "boot from CD/DVD rom".
It will boot from CD.
It will shows you the user accounts.
5) Select your account and press Y/N (yes/no) to reset the password.
defaultly it will reset the password to 12345.
================================================== ================

Resets Local Administrator password
Resets passwords for other local accounts
Resets Domain Administrator password
supports: Supports Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/NT workstations
(including Windows XP Tablet PC Edition)

Windows 2008/2003/2000/NT servers
7/14/2010 11:01:27 am

Violation, file notfound.

Prince NRVL
7/25/2010 05:29:45 am

ll try to upload it on other site.
well are u pretty sure that u need this file m8?

4/10/2011 01:56:01 pm

Great post. It appears that most of the steps are relying on the creativeness factor….

5/8/2012 05:06:01 pm

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